A New Structure, A New System, A New World, Pandora.

What is Pandora ?

Cygnus Ecosystem will evolve into the Pandora Ecosystem, which enables the Web X, an Internet network separated from the current one, solving the majority of the nowdays online issues, included but not limited to online harsassment experienced by billions of users, trillions of bots contaminating every online action, hundreds of millions of fake identities and identity theft, millions of online frauds and scams, data breaches causing hundreds of millions of accounts to be hacked from the largest institutions and networks which we are supposed to trust with our personal data and future and a lot more.

Cygnus Cloud

In order to host the whole internet without any kind of remotely imaginable issue for approximately 10 billion contemporary users without any bots forever, we would require Cygnus Blockchain Network to process just around a few trillion transactions per second, calculating that 50% to 80% of the space won't be actually never utilized, it will be just a security reserve of space. Collectively just a few million blockchains. However, through the newly designed by Cygnus "blockchain generation protocol (BGP)" we won't never have a cap in terms of storage space as the protocol will keep generating new connected communicating interoperable blockchains forever.

Features & Tools

Pandora integrates a free set of open source based software extensions in order to fully replace the current web, among others includes Pandora internet navigation tool, Pandora all in one search engine, Pandora all in one website / platform / hosting builder and management tool, Pandora all in one communication ecosystem and hundreds of other different softwares architectures, in addition is compatible and integrates all Cygnus Ecosystem tools, products & services. The integration of software extensions will be available to anyone compatible with the necessary security measures in order to enable an ecosystem built and supported by the community with millions of different extensions which continuosly improve over time and provide new innovative features.

Decentralized & Autonomous

Being based on Cygnus Cloud, allows Pandora to be autonomous with no need of human interaction in order to work, change and scale; smart contract powered platforms & tools enable to create a decentralized & autonomous self-governed ecosystem, all this is structured at the foundation through the application of Cygnus community powered vision & models enabling the creation of decentralized data storage, personal data ownership and people powered internet, getting rid of corporations, manipulations, third parties and monopolies.


Pandora Ecosystem, in the future, will be migrated upon Cygnus Blockchain Quantum Network to keep up the security, stability & reliability of the underline network. In addition will be accessed and utilized through Neural Pandora. Afterwards will  be migrated upon Cygnus Zero Energy Quantum Blockchain Network.