Cygnus Forum

All In One Cygnus Ecosystem Community Powered Forum

The Concept

Cygnus Forum is the all in one Cygnus Ecosystem community powered forum where users can discuss with each other about any topic and post questions and answers in order to solve any user doubt in regards to Cygnus Network, participate in community powered feature voting and more.

Democratic Voting

Through Cygnus & Pandora decentralized and inter-connected democratic internet movement structure, the voting power within the network belongs to the community, creating an ecosystem shaped and controlled by the people.

Cygnus Forum is the infrastructure of the voting and community partecipation mechanism, where you can share your opinion, ideals, beliefs and vote for Cygnus Network changes.


Live Videos, Live Discussion, V.R., 3D Interactive Scenarios, Virtual Community Gathering and more, Cygnus Forum is userfriendly and interactive, made for the next generation internet network infrastructure powered by the people.

Cygnus Club

Cygnus Club is the membership that allows you to join Cygnus Network Forum and utilize the various platforms and mechanics involved, enabling access to exclusive Cygnus content and community.