Cygnus Directory

The Universal Cygnus Network Digital Directory

What is Cygnus Directory ?

At the moment there are millions of unsecure, trustless, scattered web directories, Cygnus Directory is the world's first directory which enables peer to peer connections between parties in the newtork with improved marketing potential, the directory consists in Verified & Reliable Companies & Professionals + Jobs posters & seekers related to any kind of activity globally with relevant information about activities and Cygnus verification of quality.

Why Cygnus Directory ?

Google filters the results it categorizes as best and shows them, at the end just about 100 results out of billions are shown, this is not fair as everyone must have equal chance to be heard. Cygnus directories make everyone visible in the same way.


A business and/or professional working in London (UK) in one particular sector/industry, has a total addressable market (T.A.M.) of 9.3 million people + other millions in the sorroundings and the related competition by same players, which may be let's say 10,000, through a regular web search it would be impossible for the business/professional to get found among others since most likely the results shown would be 100 to 1000 out of 10,000; conversely, through Cygnus Directory and related Advertising opportunities the business/professional is able to target its specific audience in its specific zone in the same way a global company would do, in a peer to peer, reliable & verified ecosystem of common belief.



Users who navigate on Cygnus Directory are using the platform solely for specific goals, which are: a) Purchase & sell products & services; b) Seek Jobs & Hire People. By being linked with Cygnus Marketplace, the directory enables millions of users within Cygnus Ecosystem exclusively looking for the points "a" & "b" previously mentioned. Cygnus Directory enables peer to peer, verified & trustworthy connections within the users in the network.

Universal Database

Cygnus Directory acts as a Database, through which all Cygnus Network data is stored, from company profiles to regular users details, enabling to create a Universal Database collecting all the Network Information and more.