Cygnus Delivery

Community Powered Delivery & Local Delivery

What is Cygnus Delivery ?

Cygnus Delivery Network, which is an extension of Cygnus Logistics Network enables the implementation of Cygnus Marketplace vendors businesses in an already existing community powered Delivery network of local privates & agencies in up to 200+ countries.

Why Cygnus Delivery ?

Customers love fast shipping, increase local delivery speed by up to x10 and enable one day & same day delivery. By combining Cygnus Delivery Network and Cygnus Marketplace, sellers are able to reach their audience easily & quickly through local connections and improve efficency.

No Upfront Costs / Pay As You Go

Cygnus Delivery Network has no upfront fees, all the costs will be performance based, the information about pricing can be found below in the "Pricing" section.

Cost Saving

By utilizing local deliveries through Cygnus Delivery Network you access cost saving up to x5 - x10 compared to traditional couriers, a same day delivery which costs $50 within the network could cost $5 to $10 only in certain locations.

Universal Delivery

Cygnus Delivery Network, in addition to Cygnus Marketplace related product delivery, enables the settlement of a universal local delivery infrastructure distributed worldwide, through which users can access any type of product delivered in the fastest time at the lowest cost. 

For Delivery Workers

Access Cygnus Delivery Network and earn commission for deliveries and help the ecosystem to grow ! This will also enable you to receive support from Cygnus for your business including Cygnus Quality hard earned rating as well as Cygnus Token Distribution.

Potential Individual earning: around $20/h* (U.S. Rates)

Potential Agency earning: up to millions of dollars in revenue yearly* (U.S. Rates)